About Me

Hi, I'm Justin!

I'm a developer currently pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Business & Technology Management at New York University.

I'm currently working on improving on my front-end skills to become a full-stack developer, but I specialize in graph-search algorithms and data science/analysis. On the business side, I find myself fascinated in the way that people promote their products and get them to succeed, in particular, their marketing tactics and organizational structure.

When I'm not at university, I'm usually at home in the Bay Area, CA, where I had spent most of my childhood. During breaks, if I'm not programming, I enjoy weightlifting and working on my side project galaKeys, where I build custom mechanical keyboards as commissions and write-up analyses on the different builds.

Links & Contact Info
Email: hwjustincheok@gmail.com

Phone #: +1 650 933 6363

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